Polcaで知らない人に300円〜500円くらい投げる自己満足感が楽しい! – It is curiously pleasant to giveaway 300-500 JPY with #Polca app for a complete stranger found on Twitter.


4 days ago, I wrote "I gave iPad to my sister by crypto profit!", today I will talk on Polca, friendfunding app.

Polcaの紹介 – brief introduction to Polca


Total funding is up to 100000 JPY. Most projects are personal. Returns are almost nothing. Unlike most crowdfunding service, your funding will be transferred if the project does not reach goal. No fee both for planners & patrons.

最初に支援したプロジェクト – the project I funded for the first time

最初に支援したのは、たまたまTwitterに流れてきたこちらです。これで初めてPolcaを知りました。みんなで、アフリカのエイズ孤児を育てるシングルママたちのために、寄付したい!(NPO法人 エイズ孤児支援NGO・PLASへ寄付します)(終了済) 1人あたり300円だったのでなんとなく寄付しました。

This is the project which I supported for the first time (and by which I know Polca). Donation to NGO "PLAS", single mothers raising parentless African children with HIV (finished.) I funded just because of 300 JPY/person.

今支援しているプロジェクト – the project I am supporting now

アメリカンショートヘアーとスコティッシュのミックス高齢猫さんの健康診断といい餌を買ってあげたい! (2017-10-17まで)

Medical check and healthy food for aged cat (American short hair & Scottish fold mixed) (until 2017-10-17)


I want to support this project because I had rescued cats, and because the planner seems to be faithful based on Twitter.


  • 架空のプロジェクトを多数立ち上げてお金だけ集めようとしていない

  • 他人のプロジェクトのコメント欄で宣伝するなど迷惑行為をしていない

  • 支援が0かほとんど集まっていない

  • 壮大なプロジェクトよりも個人的なこと

  • Check this planner does not create many fake projects.

  • Check this planner does not advertise on other’s project comment form.

  • the project raised 0 or a little

  • personal projects rather than public/large projects


The planner I supported for the first time is famous, so she raised much support even without my support. So my self satisfaction is low. It is exciting to support the project which is not so advertised, not so raised.

さらに支援しているプロジェクト – other projects I am supporting


Books & android device to develop Recoco for android (1000 JPY)!
Books & android device to develop Recoco for android (300 JPY)!


This is my friend in Tsukuba University (literally friendfunding!). Recoco was introduced on TV a few days ago. Recoco automatically transcribes & records lecture, interview, meeting, etc. Only for iOS now.

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