Grades in Tsukuba University

entered 2012, dropped out 2017

  • A+: 90-100 (GP: 4.3)
  • A: 80-89 (GP: 4)
  • B: 70-79 (GP: 3)
  • C: 60-69 (GP: 2)
  • D: 0-59 (GP: 0) failed
  • P: Passed (no GP)
  • F: Failed (no GP)
  • no grades: not registered (moguri in Japanese)

1st year (2012)
A Introduction to Modern Physics I
A Design and Society 3
A Introduction to Oral Surgery
A Introduction to Laboratory Works
A Programming I
A Programming II
A Introduction to Content Application
A Assistive Technique for Students with Disabilities
A Basic Sports Exercise
B Basic English
B Everyday Neuromuscular Disease
B Analysis I
B Programming Exercise I
B Computer System and Operating System
B Logic Circuit
C Introduction to Plastic Surgery
C Linear Algebra I
C Linear Algebra II
C Mathematics for Informatics I
C English and Culture
C Introduction to Cell Biology
D Computer Literacy
D Computer Literacy Exercise
D Introduction to Information Media
D Safe and Healthy Campus Life
D Analysis II
D Programming Exercise II
D Introduction to Machine Code
D Comprehensive English
D Developmental Psychology
P Homeroom

2nd year (2013)
A+ Basic Russian AI
A+ Basic Russian BI
A+ Basic Russian AII
A+ Basic Russian BII
A+ Basic Arabic BI
A+ Information Media Project Course
A+ System Management
A Analysis II
A Data Structure and Algorithm
A Introduction to Network Media
A Basic Architecture Drawing
A Introduction to Functional Language
B Basic India A
B Chemical Bond Theory
B Logic System
B Probability and Statistics
B Basic Computer Graphics
B Introduction to Psychiatry Nursing
C Basic Arabic AI
C Basic German AI
C Basic German BI
C Introduction to Biological Chemistry
C Data Structure and Algorithm Exercise
C Basic Organic Chemistry
D Introduction to Database
D Cognitive Science
D Advanced Sports Exercise
D Web Programming
D Introduction to Metadata
D Introduction to Plant Physiology
D Mechanics 2
D Thermodynamics
D Electromagnetism I
D Introduction to 3D Printer
Mechanics 1
Calculus I
Linear Algebra I
Computer Network
Mechanical Drawing
Calculus II
Introduction to Animal Physiology
Basic Inorganic Chemistry
History of Urban Planning

3rd year (2014)
A+ Health Economics
A+ Organic Chemistry B
A+ Russian and Culture IVA
A Russian and Culture IVBC
A Russian Writing
A Russian Speaking
A Organic Chemistry A
A Pre-Laboratory Project A
A Pre-Laboratory Project B
A Blood Oncology
B Physiology
B Introduction to Basic Medicine
B Immunology
B Mathematics for Physics I
C Quantum Chemistry
C Electric Circuit
C Pathology
C Artificial Organs
C Semiconductor Processing
D Programming Languages Science
D Mechanics 3
D Electromagnetism 3
D Quantum Mechanics 1
D Function Theory
D Applied Atomic Physics
P Biochemical Engineering II

4th year (2015)
B Mathematical Logics I
B Probability I
B Introduction to Functional Analysis
C Lebesgue integral
C Surfaces Theory
C Special Relativity
D Natural Language Processing
D Visual Information
D Catalyst and Industrial Chemistry
D Continuum Mechanics
D Computational Mathematics I
D Introduction to Differential Equation
D Introduction to Set Theory
D Advanced Linear Algebra
D Vector Analysis and Geometry
D Organic Chemistry IV
D Physical Chemistry II
D Nuclear Physics
D Thermal Physics
D Mathematical Logic II
D Probability II
D Introduction to Functional Analysis Exercise
D Partial Differential Equation
D Introduction to Manifold
D Function Theory
D Introduction to Topology
D Introduction to Algebra
D Functional Microorganisms II
D Genome Biology II

5th year (2016)
One year absense

(All classes are conducted in Japanese.)

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